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“Rick Ross Is The Fakest Rapper Known To Mankind” – Battle Rapper, DAYLYT Blasts Meek Mill



Daylyt is known for his outspoken nature. The battle rapper previously jumped in Drake’s defencewhen Tyga got at him a few months ago. Now, the battle rapper returns just when Meek Mill harassed the OVO leader on Twitter. In an 8-minute video, Daylyt asked the Philly native one simple yet very important question:

How are you going to say you can’t f*** with Drake because he’s not real…when the n**** that signed you may be the fakest rapper known to mankind!”

We all know the story about Officer Ricky, who stole the identity of the drug kingpin Rick Ross. Further, Daylyt emphasized he respects Meek for being one of the few mainstream rappers who actually rely on rhymes and is happy for the commercial success ofDreams Worth More Than Monkey. That’s why he appealed to him to expose all the fake artists in the industry, not to randomly get at Drizzy.

Keep it real with yourself. Keep it real with the fan base, keep it real with the people behind you, cause people is watching. If you gon’ discredit one n**** for being fake, discredit all the fake n****s, cause at the end of the day you [are] one of the last real ones we got left, my n****. You from the bottom. So if you gonna expose one fake n****, expose all the fake n****s, my n****. That’s it.”

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