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INTERVIEW: MakHits Celebrates Hon. Solomon Aboh on his birthday [READ HERE]



Today, marks the birthday celebration of a great man, a Politician, an Estate Consultant and a Philanthropist, the Voice of The Voiceless, Hon. Solomon Aboh. The numerous appraisals and commendations of his laudable works to making the society better has drawn our attention to his personality, we found out he is worthy of our celebration. Our correspondent, YKay of MakHits Media had this close up chat with the Man of the People. Enjoy the interview below.

MAKHITS MEDIA: Welcome onboard Sir

HON. SOLOMON ABOH: Thank You Very Much

​MAKHITS MEDIA: Please can we meet you?

HON. SOLOMON ABOH: Hon. Solomon Aboh is my name, I am a married man with 3 kids and I am from Benue State.

​MAKHITS MEDIA: Kindly tell us more about you and your personality sir.

HON. SOLOMON ABOH: I live in Abuja, I am an Estate Developer, a Contractor, Politician and Philanthropist and I am from Ado L.G Area of Zone C of Benue State.

MAKHITS MEDIA: You are a Politician, an Estate Developer, a Contractor and a Philanthropist, I consider this “many greatness in one being”, how do you manage to handle all these perfectly well, considering how time consuming and tasking these careers are?

HON. SOLOMON ABOH: I am into Real Estates professionally, Philanthropy is just what i do to get back to the society, Politics on the other hand is a means of me being a change Agent. It has not been easy though, but with God on my side, I have been pushing well.

MAKHITS MEDIA: Great!. In Nigeria today, when we hear the word “politician”, what comes to mind is “yet another person using public office to loot public funds”, what is your take on this ideology?

HON. SOLOMON ABOH: Politics in it’s true definition is a means to correct the wrong and have a people oriented front, but sadly, others see it as a means to enrich themselves and their families, the resultant effect is what we are now feeling around the country.

​MAKHITS MEDIA: You are from Ado L.G.A of Benue State, we cannot have you here and not talk about Benue issues. Taking you back to your roots, you are aware of the killings propelled by the Fulani Herdsmen that has claimed lots of lives in your land and the latest plan of the Benue State Government to grant these said herdsmen a portion for habitation and grazing activities, what is your take on this Sir?

HON. SOLOMON ABOH: It Breaks my Heart to see my people being Slaughtered and the fact that they are in no position to do anything about the said situation is very sad. I see a strong conspiracy against my People here, this is a very sad situation born out of greed and weakness on the part of our Leaders.

​MAKHITS MEDIA: As aforementioned, you are a Philanthropist, the President of “Path of Hope Foundations”, an NGO set out to meet the needs of widows and orphans, please tell us more about “Path of Hope Foundations”, how long has it been in existence and  what mandate does it work on?

HON. SOLOMON ABOH: “Path of Hope Foundation” is a Non Governmental Organization that got Registered formally with CAC in 2009 and we have as much as 200 orphans on our scholarship scheme while we have about 120 widows on our Basic micro assistance, and it is worthy to be noted that this NGO does not accept donations of any kind.

MAKHITS MEDIA: Wow!, your NGO does not accept donations?, that is rarely heard of, most NGOs we know running on the “No Donation Accepted” policy gradually runs out of source and finally pack up, will Path of Hope Foundations stand the test of time on this policy?
HON. SOLOMON ABOH: Path of Hope foundation is “God’s own project and channel to reach out to the needy”, so God is our source and you know what this means, God does not change, so I can sternly say, “Path of Hope Foundations” will stand more than the test of time.

​MAKHITS MEDIA: Today is your birthday, we and the world at large stands to celebrate you on this day for your laudable works and impartful services to human and the society at large, what had been your driving force over the years to do what you have been doing?

HON. SOLOMON ABOH: My driving force has been my humble beginning, having seen all sides of life, I can say that the most enduring is the way you treat your fellow man. I was one of those who went to primary school on bare foot, I remember saying these same words to the famous Alexander Amousu in London during the 2dollar Red carpets and premiere and he was like it is not possible but trust me, it is true story.

​MAKHITS MEDIA: Your live a life worthy of emulation by the young and growing men, what word of advice and encouragement do you have for these ones striving so hard to attain even better heights than you have done.

HON. SOLOMON ABOH: Believing in yourself is the key, also bank on consistency and Hardwork!!!! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t make it. Disregard the ugly situations around you and be at your best always.

​MAKHITS MEDIA: Last words for the readers of this article?

HON. SOLOMON ABOH: Be Happy Always and don’t let the smile leave your face, because how ever bad things around are, some others are dreaming to be like you. Don’t forget this.

​MAKHITS MEDIA: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have these words with you. Do have a nice day Sir.

HON. SOLOMON ABOH: Thank you for having me.



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