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INTERVIEW: MakHits Celebrates DeeJay Tony | @TheRealDjTony



makhits.com is back with another exciting interview session and this time we would be celebrating one of Benue’s Best Disc Jockey, Deejay Tony. He is +1 today!!!, we at MH sent out our correspondent YONG KESH to engage in this discussion with him. Enjoy as you read through.


MAKHITS: Welcome Sir.

DEEJAY TONY: Thank you very much.

MAKHITS: We would love to know you please.

DEEJAY TONY: My name is Ekwote Anthony Agbo popularly known as DEEJAY TONY.

MAKHITS: Tell us about your educational and family background.

DEEJAY TONY: Am a B.Sc holder, I just graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, Am from a family of 4, 2 sisters and just a brother, and I happen to be the last child. My Mum and Dad are both civil servants but my dad has retired from service.

MAKHITS: For how long have you been a DJ and what prompted you to become a DJ?

DEEJAY TONY: I started my DJ’ing carrier in 2010 as an amateur, but I went professional in 2011/2012. I had passion for the art right from when I was in secondary school, but I never had the opportunity, until 2010 when I graduated from secondary and met with the legendary DEEJAY CYPHA.

MAKHITS: Take us through the journey so far, how you started and how you got to this level.

DEEJAY TONY: Seriously, it hasn’t been easy, when I started, the major challenge I faced was convincing people that I am a DJ, and also convincing my parents that DJ’ing was not going to affect who I am or my education. I must confess, the level I have attained today is not by my power, it is the Lord’s doing.

MAKHITS: When you started off as a DJ, did you know you would get as much fame as you have now?

DEEJAY TONY: Sincerely speaking, I never thought I would get this far.

MAKHITS: Thank God you are here now.
You are arguably one of the Best DJs in Benue State (if not the best), what can you say about this?

DEEJAY TONY: Am a good DJ today not because I was born good, but because DJ’ing is an art and in other to master the art you must be dedicated and hardworking most importantly you must always rehearse.

MAKHITS: #Word. Do you think you have competitions in the game now?


MAKHITS: We have many fast rising DJs around making waves in the Nigeria, the likes of DJ Osas, DJ Spinall, DJ TTB just to mention a few, what is your current place on the Nation’s Disc Jocking Map?

DEEJAY TONY: Currently I will say am just home based for now but I will be going international soon, since am done with school.

MAKHITS: There is this latest trend, where DJs does songs featuring Artistes to sing or Rap on it, we even had Nigerian’s Veteran DJ, DJ Jimmy Jatt going ahead to make an Album which comprised of many songs of vast genres and featured numerous Artistes, do you have anything to say about this?

DEEJAY TONY: Nothing much to say about that, It is a good step to promote their brand.

MAKHITS: So should we expect something of that kind coming from you anytime soon?

DEEJAY TONY: For now I will say No.

MAKHITS: As a DJ, you are not a novice to the entertainment business here in Benue State, please can you comment on your observation about the industry here?

DEEJAY TONY: I feel the artists just needs to step up their game and stop living fake lives because it won’t take them no where!. They just need to be focused and dedicated.

MAKHITS: Do you think we are getting it right here?, from the Artistes, to the Radio Presenters, down to the Event Organizers, Bloggers/ Promoters & the DJs, what can you say about how they handle entertainment issues?

DEEJAY TONY: I feel they are getting it right, I must commend their efforts.

MAKHITS: If you are made the Governor of Benue State today, what would you do to better the standards of living here?

DEEJAY TONY: I can’t answer that question right now because I don’t like politics.

MAKHITS: Tell us 5 Benue made Songs you love so much that you could possibly have them on every Mix of yours.

» Ole by Danni Vembs
» Atika by Tk swag
» Baliba by feldish
» Twale by shogzi
» Lima by biggie brown

MAKHITS: Cool!!!. So tell us What has been the best and worst moments for you as a DJ?

DEEJAY TONY: I Don’t have any worst moment right now *laughs*, my best moment was the day My nephew, Oche was giving birth to.

MAKHITS: Nice. You are a very hardworking, talented Man, one who many ladies would want to flock around, please tell us, is DJ Tony in a relationship or still single and probably searching?, No Lie Oh!

DEEJAY TONY: Hahaha, Am in a serious relationship *smiles*

MAKHITS: Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?

DEEJAY TONY: I see myself at the top of Nigeria entertainment industry

MAKHITS: What can you say about makhits.com

DEEJAY TONY: Makhits is one of the fastest growing blogsite in the Nation and I most commend their efforts in the way the have been promoting talents.

MAKHITS: Final words for your fans and readers of this Article?

DEEJAY TONY: I want to thank everyone that have believed in me,who have support me in one way or the other especially my family, bloggers and friends, May God bless you all.

MAKHITS: It is your birthday today, we at makhits.com wishes you the very best of all good things you wish yourself.

DEEJAY TONY: Thank You very much makhits

MAKHITS: Thank you for your time.

DEEJAY TONY: It is my pleasure

MAKHITS: Tell us three things most people don’t know about you.

» I am a shy guy
»I don’t smoke nor take alcohol
» I like talking alot! (certified trouble Maker) *hahaha*

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1 Comment

  1. itsFloxzy

    March 12, 2015 at 9:10 am

    Hmm…nice mehn! loving this interview, thumbs up boss Kesh!

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