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INTERVIEW: MakHits Celebrates Benue’s Indigenous Rapper “MEDDY”



It is the 6th day of May and Today we at makhits.com celebrates Benue’s indigenous Rapper, Meddy in our own little way. We sent out our Correspondent YONG KESH to come up with a detailed interview with the Rave of the moment. Read through below.

Welcome on Board.

Quickly, give us a brief information about you.

MEDDY: I Am Emmanuel Olotu Popularly known as Meddy Oyi’kolotu, I am an indeginous rapper from Benue State.

Tell us more about your Family and Educational Background.

MEDDY: I Am from a family of 6 and I am the last born of my house and I am also a graduate of Mass Communication from Benue State Polytechnic.

When did you start doing Music?

MEDDY: I started doing music since 2004, that is about 11 years back.

Please compare your Music when you started to your Music of now.

MEDDY: *laughs*, Seriously, I can’t compare the songs I did way back then to the ones I do now because some many things has changed since then, Like my Production taste, the way I write my songs and the way I deliver the songs. Things has Changed bro.

DOWNLOAD MEDDY – OyiKolotu ft Double G HERE

One unique feature about your Music is that you are an indigenous rapper, you rap using your native dialect (Idoma). Did you start off Rapping using Idoma as a proffered language or it developed overtime?

MEDDY: I started using a little of Idoma because I have always believed in the Idoma language, so I see this as my little quota in pushing it to another level.

How easy do you think it would be for you to break into the Entertainment industry properly, knowing fully well that we have lot of Indigenous rappers doing well in the industry?

MEDDY: I must say, it is gonn be very easy for me to break into the industry because I believe so much in what I do, though I belive in God first! Its all about belief, same thing 2face idibia said to me in 2013 and since then I have held on to that! So it will be very easy for me to break into the industry.

If you follow the industry well, you should know about the “Local Rapper” controversy hovering all between Reminisce, Modenine, AQ and co. What is your take on the Local/Indigenous rapper issue?

MEDDY: *Screams Local Rappers*, lol, if you ask me such an issue should not have started in the first place because we are all doing Same Lip thing, we just using our Mother tongue to express ourselves, that’s all! Local or english rappers, we are all dope and deserve equal respect and love!

Your style can easily be compared to that of Phyno and Olamide’s, do you consider yourself better than these two rappers and as such if given the required push will unseat them from the current position they Occupy as Nigeria’s best indigenous rappers?

MEDDY: Why not!!! If I am given the neccesary push I will gladly unseat them because I believe I am still fresh and with these fresh flows, I can do that at ease, but I promise to unseat them very very soon.

DOWNLOAD Meddy – Valentine Special HERE

You are Benue based and as such is not ignorant of the Music grind here in the state, what can you say about Entertainment in Benue?

MEDDY: Well, the entertainment in benue is still growing, we have talents working effortlessly to blow it up, but we need to put in more effort.

You broke into the Music scene properly after winning Johnick’s 2014 competition and earned yourself a Video for the winner track “Chocolate” featuring Double G, How did you feel winning that competition?

MEDDY: *laughs*. Johnick’s competition was a great breakthrough for me in Benue and I took it very serious because I knew there was more work for me to do, I was so happy winning it though!


We will not have you here and not talk about your Shadow man Double G, you virtually do everything with him, tell us, how did you meet Double G and what cemented your relationship with him?

MEDDY: I met Double G in 2008 at a studio, he heard my Song and fell in love with my Art, Since then the guy started believing and Supporting my hustle and I also tripped his kind of person and the talent that he carried! Double G is a good guy, a friend, a brother and my real G anyday anytime.

You are signed under 10:11 Music owned by Producer, Double G, please give us an insight on the 10:11 family.

MEDDY: Right now 10:11 music gat just Me and Double G, we are hoping to sign more artists soon, but we gat a big boss now who runs the affairs with Double G, His name is Mr Emeka Okeiyi a.k.a Mexxy, He is also my manager.

Properly scrutinize the Rap industry here in Benue, give us 5 names of rappers you consider as great competitions.

MEDDY: Benue rappers are really doing well, but apparently I gat no competition because I do it the Indigenous way, I will talk about that maybe when I gat one, but the likes of Koboko, Yung Kiz, Nazi Armani, Inas, Limoblaze and Many others are just so good.


If I must say, you broke fast into the entertainment scene here, stealing the hearts of music lovers in a very short while, almost every artist wants to feature Meddy on a song, almost every event wants to grace Meddy on their platform, how did you manage to do this?

MEDDY: It is just God ooooooo! Geting to this point to be on every song and shows is God and His grace because it is not by my doing, I always try to maintain good relationship with everyone in the industry and always be my self, Prolly that helped too.

What are you doing towards making a National and probably an international name for yourself, since you have almost conquered Benue?

MEDDY: Seriously, I am really working on that and plannig to gain more grounds in the nation before the year runs out and to be known internationaly its a process so am working on that!!, you guys should watch out for me.

What should we be expecting from You, a Video, Single, Mixtape, EP, Album?

MEDDY: You guys should be xpecting two videos and Maybe an Ep from me soon by the grace of God.

What can you say about makhits.com?

MEDDY: Makhits.com is obviously one of the best blog in Nigeria, thumbs up to you guys, Please endeavour to keep up the good works #Ainya.

Final words for your fans and readers of this Article?

MEDDY: For my fans just keep supporting and I will continue to deliver well! And for all those reading this article please never stop believing in Meddy Oyi’kolotu.


Do you have any shout-outs to give?

MEDDY: Yes I do, Special shout out to Team 10:11,my manager Mexxy, Double G, Steve MOP, BuzeB, Zeeter, Mary Peters, Queen Onyocho 1 and all the bloggers that supported me today! Mag design and Steven Eki, I love u all…..those I can’t mentioned please forgive me!

It is your birthday today, we at makhits.com wishes you happy Birthday, long life and prosperity. Am sure your fans would love to know, how old are you today?

MEDDY: I Am +1 lol……hahahhahahaaha

Tell us 3 things we don’t know about “MEDDY”

MEDDY: I: I am fun to be with.
2: I smile alot.
3: I am romantic.

Thank you for your time.

MEDDY: Thanks makhits.com.

Download Inas – Revenge ft MEDDY Here

Download MC Smart – Suya ft MEDDY Here

Download Yung Kiz x MEDDY – Hustle Here

Download Mark Owi – Heart Breaker ft MEDDY Here

Download Koboko – Oyi Aje ft MEDDY & Double G Here



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