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AUDIO + LYRICS: Yong Kesh x Floxzy x Koboko – Gerrara Here 4 Real (Prod. by @Reflexsoundz) | @itsYONGKESH @itsFLOXZY @iamKOBOKO



MakHits Media’s Floxzy who boasts to be the hottest musical Diva from the Middlebelt seem not to be on Chills at the moment, after we got a leak to her “Loose Canon 12 Bars” freestyle few days back she is back with this song alongside Abuja based Rapper Y Kay (Yong Kesh) and one of Middlebelts finest HipHop product Koboko a.k.a Oyi Aje. This Reflex Soundz’ produced song is titled “Gerrara Here 4 Real”. This is a kinda song to be played on High Volume paying keen attention to each verses on the Song as they are next to Fire!. Song was Mixed and Mastered by Yung Echow. Download and Enjoy below, as the lyrics to the song is available after the Jump.

DOWNLOAD AUDIO: Yong Kesh x Floxzy x Koboko – Gerrara Here For Real (Prod. by @Reflexsoundz) HERE


Okay!!! I go by the name ‘o Y Kay a.k.a Yong Kesh… Gerrrrrrrara Here Nicca,
Check this!


Its Y Kay, call me the key, the key to the Damn Door
The damn door leading to Hip-Hop, check out my damn flow
Lame niggas be like “what you shutting down fo?”
I tell em am ridding your city, taking the place of a Danfo

I know I lost it took a break am back on track again
Back on track again, facing the hustle we jacking it back again
Jacking it back again, we dropping it dope, and sniffing a crack again
Sniffing a crack again, give me a verse to Murder a track a again

Not talking ‘kicking evil’ when I say am been Balling Since (Sins)
Saying av been balling since just means that av been Popping tins
Av been chasing greens, counting Mullas & the Benjamins
You should call it Global Warming with the way am Burning Trees.

Wanna hate?, go stand in line, pray in line, The Sermon is Redefined
Pay the fine & get your life a line, I Run a Blog so I can put your Life On-line
The boy from the South, am the king of My City
I rap with no stress, I be doing it easy
The lyrics are bliss and we Spitting it Illy
They claiming the Best, so I be Really?

HOOK x 1


Crown me the hottest cos this shawtie Ruling err Son (Sun)
Watch the game turn around after getting the Midas touch
Married to the game be the reason why am holding on
With em big gees making Capitals with no returns

H(i), am the greates! Please ignore the H-Factor
Its Floxzy… A.K.A Hip-Hop’s highest factor
Highest factor in the game, aiming for greener pastures
Now you come around to famz, Gerrara Here niccur

9 months syndrome be the reason bitches spit Ill
But am different need no weapon for me to kill this
Y Kay, Kobz, Floxzy, we steady killing bills
Makhits repping, in my City we the best in this

Queen be on my own throne
Am always be ruling my homezone
My competition be my own clone
Be patiently waiting to get the Bone

North South, the East to the West
Right from the church av been taking a verse
Be ready to take all the shots in your head
Cos am live on this beat, I be living it dead.

HOOK x 1


Okay lately everybody repping here some repping there
DPs saying straight outta here
Everybody forming posh omo you go fear
Makurdi boys repping gidi fuck outta here

O boy o boy when you see them for show
Phoneh phoneh like say they don blow
Nobody know you but you hating Vic O
Na tree wey de bear fruit them de throw stones

Koboko Oyi aje, Oyi aje Koboko
Am dope with the flow lyrical baddoo
I scatter the show everywhere that I go to
You know it’s me homie when you hear Ohooo

Flows plenty for my mouth so I gast spit
Rappers say I too de worry oya rest in peace
There’s no resurrection this is no skiibii shit
Gerrara here men no skiibii shit…

Nah am saying uh gerrara here men all of una gerrara here
all y’all posting rubbish on instagram gerra here…

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