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ARTICLE: “Pray For Me” – @fidofisy



I just heard 2 songs recently that had the same title (PRAY FOR ME) one by Darey Art Alade and another by a rapper called Min. Now the co-incidence is that both songs are sang by secular act and both featured a gospel act on their individual track, Min featured gospel rapper “Rapsodee”, while Darey art alade featured the Soweto gospel choir from south africa,(it was wonderful the way they sang yoruba). In Min’s pray for me the song was mainly directed towards his mom’s prayer for him(another co-incidence darey’s own was towards his father). Now we all know how mums are especially the ones in this part of our world, they love to shower their children with prayer either they are regular church attendee or not. Min in his song talks about his childhood, who he has become and who his going to be, but in all this he thanks his mom for always praying for him. In Darey’s pray for me the song is all about a village boy who seeks greener pasture in the city, been warned by his dad of how life in the city could be(especially a place like lagos, where hustle,bustle and struggle no dey sleep!!! Lol). The village boy replied his dad that he had already made up his mind, hence all he need from his dad is prayers and well wishes. The village boy got to the city after some few years (4years & 11months, my guy for don hustle die!!!). He wrote a letter back to his dad acknowledging the truth about what he(i.e. Dad) had told him back then, but still stays determine to succeed ( dis guy na die hard!!! If na film na bruce willis go act am) and he said in d letter that his dad should still continue to pray for him to succeed. Now what am I trying to point us to as regards this songs, is the fact that as christians we shouldn’t just criticise them then leave them (I.e. d secular, profane or worldly musician) to be damned, we saying things like” that musician sha na hell him dey go last last” or “hmmm, eyaaah I pity these people they don’t know what awaits them”. Yes that is the truth, if they don’t change eternal damnation awaits them & sometimes we act joyous about this issue or do nothing about it, but my point is where is the love Jesus clamoured for in the book of mathew 5:44 when he said “But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you and PRAY FOR THEM which despitefully use you and persecute you. Yes, these people have persecuted us with their soft pornography called music videos, but does that mean we should condemn them & leave them to damnation, No!!! Never we have to do our father’s will, these 2 artiste(Min & Darey) have pointed us to something, which is intercessory prayers for the secular, worldly or profane artiste to change and the truth is few of us that has started praying, its working, look at Obiwon, who has a change of heart, his now singing to glorify God (just watched his video recently of his song POUR YOUR LOVE, my guy still get those dance moves). So please instead of just changing the channel when we see their videos(please do that, it save lives). Let us also pray for their souls to be changed, pray for their salvation, just like JESUS told peter ” the devil wants to have you but have prayed for you. So pray for not just that known artiste but pray for the upcoming ones, pray for the DJs, the OAPs, the writers and even “PRAY FOR ME”…

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  1. Boomsha

    July 20, 2015 at 11:32 am

    This is a wonderful reminder to every christian. Thanks,Fido.


    July 21, 2015 at 9:01 am

    Nice one dear. Criticisms are good when they are channeled in love. However, pointing out the speck in a friend’s eye while having a log in ours is outright hypocrisy and self righteousness. Thanks Fido for drawing attention to that thing we could do instead of condemning.

  3. Oyindamola

    July 23, 2015 at 8:46 pm

    Fido,ds is an awesome one from u. Share it;spread it. I love u bro. Way to go!!!!! A
    nd God be wt u

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